How to select a good school?

‘The educational system and schools in particular have a responsibility to individual children and the society at large to prepare future ready learners for the world.’

While choosing the right school, the parents should make sure that the school is not just bound to the academics but also lays importance towards the extracurricular wing.

A school must be committed to build the child’s confidence and self-esteem by offering strong developmental program me where integrated studies and hands on participation inspire a love of learning and accomplishment. An innovative school also encourages self-discipline, creativity, independence of thought and tenacity of purpose with the understanding that both success and failure are necessary for learning. A unique, forward-thinking school, which uses inquiry-based teaching methodologies, creates success stories.

The small class size of the school not only helps students learn more but they also learn faster.

A school should always aims to instill strong will power in every child through 7C’s of life: Confidence, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion and Commitment to overcome every hurdle in life with joy and togetherness. Every child is unique and schools must nurture that uniqueness – through a stimulating environment that breeds curiosity, freedom and encouragement. The classrooms and activity rooms should be colorfully designed to create a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of comfort.

At the Millennium School, we are committed to nurture the inherent talent and potential of each and every child. Being the most innovative school in Gurgaon, we want to shape the leaders of tomorrow by creating lifelong learners, who have a strong sense of values.