The most innovative school in Gurgaon, The Millennium School (TMS) believes that there is more to life than academic success. We actively uphold a balanced approach to education; one that develops students who excel in all aspects. We believe that learning is a lifelong process that occurs both in and out of the classroom. In this regard, we prepare students for the new and emerging challenges of the 21st century.

Life at TMS includes just about everything that a child does during their years here as a student – from academics to sports, and drama to travel. Each child is encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities, enabling them to spread their wings wider. We offer a diverse range of activities, from experiential learning programs to numerous athletics endeavors, arts experiences, student activities and clubs.

Four major domains of talent development laid out by the MLS are:

Intellectual abilities: Encompassing the areas of language, mathematics and science, intellectual ability development including reading, writing and oral communication, traditional and applied mathematics, space programs, robotics, inventions, forensic skills and other inspiring learning projects.

 Creative abilities: Covering confidence building and mind-expanding project areas such as Indian and world vocal and instrumental music, dance, drama, photography, painting and sculpture.

 Physical and Mental abilities: Offering a variety of physical and mental activities for a healthy young mind and body including yoga, athletics, team sports, adventure sports and chess.

 Social abilities: Enabling each child to improve their interactions with classmates, teachers and parents, there are various projects which deal with concepts such as development of leadership qualities, problem solving abilities and interpersonal communication.

We also encourage students from an early age to take responsibility for their community. Students contribute to decision-making in the school through student councils. Activities involving the wider community generally focus on developing a sense of responsibility for the common good.

The school runs a house system. Every student belongs to one of four houses. Within their houses students take positions of responsibility, compete against other houses in sport and music and work towards common goals in a range of areas.

Thoughtful and motivated counselors, teachers, and administrators work with students and their families to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential at TMS – the best school in Gurgaon.