Walking through the Campus at each Millennium location is an experience in itself. This is where one can witness the creation of future leaders.

The Millennium School buildings are unique with their lush green playgrounds exuding a kind of warmth that you can generally feel only in the reveries of your own childhood. The space in and around the schools is designed creatively to foster learning not only through academics but through a variety of activities as well.

The reception area as you enter is welcoming and bright, filled with colorful art and craft work of the children and you immediately get a sense of the role creativity and imagination plays in these schools. Fascinating displays of work done in the class and exhibitions of the children’s original, innovative ideas are a regular feature.

The warm and cheerful air that greets you at the door stays with you throughout your tour of the school campuses and we have one of the best school infrastructure in of any school in Gurgaon, India.

The environment is at once stimulating and nurturing – where latent talents are nurtured and allowed to blossom while young, curious minds are stimulated to question, be curious, think differently and voice their original views with confidence.

The stimulating environment goes a long way in giving the children love for education, direction to their inquisitive minds, sense of complete security and an attitude full of empathy, sensibility and sensitivity.

The precious playtime in the sandpit area or the Jimmy Jolly Type Park is testimony to the fact that a wide range of life skills and abilities even beyond the classroom have their rightful place in the curriculum.