The meal facilities are optional and can be availed on extra payment.


We provide two meals in the school:

• Snack

• Lunch

The menu changes bimonthly and the same is uploaded on the website as well. Pure Vegetarian Food is served. Strict Quality Check is maintained by the school to ensure that the students get healthy, hygienic and nutritious food to eat.

A small tuck shop is also maintained in the cafeteria for students and staff members.

Meals Plan

Monday Poha,Milk Roti,Mixvegetable,Daltadka,shahitukda
Tuesday Vada,Orange juice Noodles,Friedrice,Manchurian
Wednesday Veg cutlet,Nimbupaani Rice,KadhiPakodi,Green salad
Thursday Kathi Roll Rice, Chole
Friday Macaroni,Lassi Roti,Mixdal,Laukikofta